Grants for Women Entrepreneurs in Iceland.

Since 1991 the Ministry of Welfare has once a year awarded grants to women entrepreneurs in Iceland with the aim of encouraging women to start up their own companies and to increase their access to finance. Grants are awarded by the ministry but the fund is hosted by the Directorate of Labour.

Next application deadline is on the 3rd of March 2022.

The prerequisites for a grant is that the project/company has to be owned by a woman at least 51%, the idea has to be innovative and make jobs in the long run. Grants are awarded for making business plans, for marketing, product development and a wage grant to start up a company. The project cannot be in direct competition with other products/services on the market.

The grantees have one year to finish their projects and have to turn in a report where they evaluate the project and turn in an overview of the costs involved.

Applications are online on the website, just click „Styrkir“ to access the application system.

In the application there has to be a good description of the product/service idea in detail along with describing the market, the competition, and a thorough finance plan.

The application procedure starts in February each year and the grants are usually awarded in April – May. The applications are evaluated by an advisory board which evaluates the grants on the basis of the quality of the application, how innovative the idea is, competition, and how many jobs are created in the long run.

If more information and help is needed please send us an e-mail atvinnumalkvenna@atvinnumalkvenna.is

Svanni – Loan Guarantee Fund

Do you need finance for your company? 

The deadline for applications are on the 15th of March 2022.

We have opened up for applications in the Svanni – loan guarantee fund which now starts its third term.

Svanni awards loans up to 10 m.ikr to companies owned by women (51%). We are in collaboration with Landsbanki that awards the loans.

The funds aim is to support women who have companies, to increase their access to finance, to create jobs and to encourage innovation.  The fund is owned by the Prime Ministry Office, the the Ministry of industry and innovation and the City of Reykjavík.

It is possible to receive loans for the following:

  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • New ways in production

Applications can be found on the website by clicking „Lán“. In the application the applicants have to describe the project in detail and what the goal is. Applicants have to attach a business plan, a detailed finance plan as well as a confirmation of the ownership of the company to the application.

The applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Description of the project
  • Innovative aspect
  • Job increasing – how many jobs
  • Value creation
  • Business plan
  • Finance plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Financial status

On the left you can see further information about the rules and conditions (in Icelandic)

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